4th Gen Fbody Downswept Turbo Headers coming soon

Posted by Stephen Eades on

Just filling everyone in on the situation. SW is the only company that makes a production 4th Gen Fbody turbo header currently. (A quality one i should say) I have made a 1 7/8" primary by 3" collector set as a prototype for a possible production set. Im currently working with local header gurus Kooks Custom Headers to try to get these on the market. The plan is to offer a super tough 14g set that will be comparable in price to SW but be a lot stronger/durable. The added bonus is these will come in two sizes. One will be 1.88" primary by 3" collector, the other 1.75" primary by 2.5" collector. This will make for an awesome addition to your turbo build and make it easier to incorporate a nice set of headers in your low clearance fbody. If they will fit Fbody you know they will fit many other things as well. 

Stay tuned.......

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  • Any word on when these will be available? Im currently running shorty’s flipped down and forward. The tubes really get in the way of plug wires so id love to get my hands on a set like these in the 1.75’’ primary/2.5" collector. IG: luvpsi

    Zach Muska on

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