• $1,799.00

Our Race EFI fuel system utilizes the best components (Magnafuel and Fragola) MADE IN THE USA for a long lasting high performing setup.  This combination is designed to be used with a fuel injected vehicle and offers all components, line, fittings, hoses, the way we would do them.  With this combination you will be able to plumb 90% of door cars front to back.  The system is made to work with a dual -8AN fuel sump (common on most fuel cells, call or contact us if different arrangements are needed), and will plumb all the way to fuel rails and the return back to the tank, as well as the electrical relays to properly power the fuel pump.  Also included is our very popular AN install kit featuring magnetic vice jaws and adjustable aluminum AN wrench to make assembling hoses a breeze.

This system has been known to make 14-1500 HP and be perfectly streetable.  With the appropriate sized lines included this system will both max out the fuel system components capability on a 12v battery system, as well as offer a reliable streetable long lasting system.

This kit will come bagged and tagged so that there is no question where each fitting goes.  Adequate hose is included for nearly any door car on the market.

Included in this kit is the following:

-Fittings from the fuel cell into a Y to the pre filter (-8AN to -12)
-Magnafuel Black Anodized Pre Filter with Stainless Filter Element
-Fittings from prefilter to pump
-Magnafuel 4303 Fuel Pump
-Fittings from Pump to Post Filter
-Magnafuel Black Anodized Post Filter with Stainless Filter Element
-Fittings from Post filter to Y before Rail
-Y to -8AN to Fuel Rails
-Fittings out of Rail to Boost Reference Regulator
-Magnafuel 9950-B-BLK fuel pressure regulator (included LS1 Timing Cover mount which can also be used to remote mount Regulator)
-Return Fittings to Fuel Cell (Please specify size)
-Magnafuel Dual Relay setup for Pump
-Motion Raceworks AN Line Assembly Kit
-Feed Line 17ft -10AN Black Fragola Nylon Performance Hose
-Return Line 17ft Black Fragola Nylon Performance Hose
-Prefilter Feed Line 4ft Black Fragola Nylon Performance Hose
-Fuel Rail/Fuel Cell Feed Lines -8AN
-20 Rubber Lined Fuel Hose clamps