Mighty Mouse Solutions Gen5 RACE Can

  • $170.00

The RACE can is an open vent catching whatever liquids come from the crankcase.

It is completely passive, not connected to your incoming air supply at all, and PCV is completely deleted.  That means zero blow-by fumes consumed by your engine, but that also means the fumes will go to your engine bay and sometimes, the cabin. *sensitive noses beware*


This Race assembly comes with the fittings chosen here.

The oil sight window is the standard 3rd fitting if you are not sure.

Fully assembled including breather standard, and drain fitting.
*You must order your mounting kit, accessories, or any spare parts separately!*
-for crankcase ventilation HP ratings are: 3/8" barb or -6AN=600HP capacity, 1/2" barb or -8AN=800, -10AN=1000, and 12AN=1200HP maximum.
Made in the USA!


Barb fittings are available in place of AN. Please call to change!