Bullseye s362 TCT (starting @ $2600)

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Starting @ $2600 Please call for custom pricing and options listed!

62mm TCT


Bullseye Power has reinvented the compressor wheel with their exclusive leading edge technology for quicker spool times and increased flow rates, providing up to 100 horsepower more than a cast or standard-billet counterpart. 


All TCT turbochargers features Bullseye Power's Triple Compression Technology TCT BatMoWheel compressor wheel with Bullseye Power's exclusive Race Cover.




Compressor Features:

  • 62mm inducer
  • 6 blade TCT BatMoWheel
  • Bullseye Power Race Cover
  • 4" inlet
  • Straight or 90 degree outlet
  • Polished cover optional


Turbine Options:


Inlet  TW Size (mm)  A/R  Outlet  SS 
T-3 Open 76x68 .70 V-Band SS
T-3 Open 80x74 .70 V-Band SS
T-4 Open 76x68 .88 V-Band  
T-4 Open 80x74 .88 V-Band  
T-4 Divided 76x68 .91 V-Band  
T-4 Divided 80x74 .91 V-Band  
V-Band 76x68 1.00 V-Band SS
V-Band 80x74 1.00 V-Band SS




Max Horsepower
Part Number:
Inducer Size:
Compressor Inlet:
Compressor Outlet:
Hose or V-Band
Turbine Inlet:
T-3, T-4, or V-Band
Turbine Outlet:
4/5 Bolt or V-Band
29 lbs