Tick Adjustable Torque Boxes for 3rd and 4th Gen F-body (One Pair)

  • $519.99

Note: This Product is designed to BEST FIT 93-02 Camaro and Firebird. HOWEVER, with only slightly more cutting it will work with 82-92 Camaro and Firebird.

For years, there have been relocation brackets or even custom control arm brackets with multiple mounting locations available to lower the rear mounting point of the control arm.  The idea is by lowering the mounting point of the control arm on the rear housing, you increase the angle of the control arm, rising from the rear to the front.  This positions the 'instant center' (IC) higher in the chassis.  If the point of IC is higher than the anti-squat line, you get just that, anti-squat, or separation of the suspension during launch.  

This product makes the front mounting location of the control arm adjustable as well.  On the rear housing, the mounting holes can only go so low, because the bolt holding the control arm to the chassis drops below the level of the rim and gets beside of the tire in an area that is already very limited on clearance.  By raising the mounting location on the front of the control arm, you're achieving the same result as lowering it on the rear housing.

By adding two holes above the factory bolt location, and two holes below you have a full range of adjustment to get the bar angle where you want it at any ride height!  By using the top hole, you are able to increase the bar angle by 4 degrees compared to the middle or stock location!!  This is especially important for radial tire cars which like to hit the tire hard (lots of anti-squat) but also want a ride height as low as possible.

These torque boxes come pre-welded, ready for installation.  Made from durable 4130 chromoly.  Very minimal cutting is required and the mounting bolt threads into the box itself, which allows it to simply be welded into the chassis without cutting the inner wall of the stock mounting location at all.  Nord-Lock lock washers are included for proper bolt retention.

Military Spec bolts and the required heim joints for the 1/2" bolt (3/4" thread with 1/2" hole) are included standard. 

This product incorporates the spacers normally found on either side of the heim joint of your aftermarket control arm that was originally intended to fill the width of the stock mounting location.  By designing these boxes in this way, stress on the bolt has been greatly reduced and should eliminate the possibility of bending the mounting bolts.

This product will not work with stock control arms, or any aftermarket boxed/tubular fabricated arm that uses OEM width polyurethane bushings!!

This is a weld-in component we recommend professional installation for correct fitment 

3rd Gen F-Bodies: The Torque box locations on both 82-92 and 93-02 F bodies are similar in shape and the same in physical location, however they are not identical and this is why the 82-92 requires a little more prep work prior to the install of the new Torque Boxes.